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"Rumors Are Flying"
by The Brown Dots
on Manor 1040-A
released in 1946

Photo Of Deek Watson

Above: Photo of Deek Watson, who was an original member of The Ink Spots. He formed The Brown Dots after leaving The Ink Spots in 1944. In addition to Watson, The Brown Dots consisted of William "Pat" Best, Jimmy Nabbie and Jim Gordon.

Manor Label-Rumors Are Flying-The Brown Dots-1946
Above: "Rumors Are Flying" was the ninth release The Brown Dots had on Newark's Manor label. While they might seem to be an Ink Spots clone, they had their own unique sound and style. This was a very talented group!

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Still Shot From 1947 Movie 'Boy! What A Girl'-Pat Best Still Shot From 1947 Movie 'Boy! What A Girl'-Deek Watson Still Shot From 1947 Movie 'Boy! What A Girl'-Jimmy Nabbie Still Shot From 1947 Movie 'Boy! What A Girl'-Jim Gordon
Above: Clips from 1947 Movie: "Boy! What A Girl" introducing Deek Watson and his Brown Dots, who sing "Just In Case You Change Your Mind" (released on Manor 1015 in 1945). In the movie, they also sing "Satchelmouth Baby" (released on Manor 1026 in 1945).

Clips are (L-R) Pat Best, Deek Watson, Jimmy Nabbie, Jim Gordon.

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Photo of Songwriters Bennie Benjamin and George Weiss
Above: Bennie Benjamin and George Weiss, who wrote "Rumors Are Flying". They also wrote The Cardinals' "Wheel Of Fortune" and Savannah Churchill's "Can Anyone Explain (No No No)".


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