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"I Cover The Water-Front"
by Cats 'N Jammer Three
Vocal by Bill Samuels
on Mercury 2003A
released in 1946

Ad For Cats 'N Jammer Trio

Above: Billboard ad from 1947 for Mercury 8021 "I Surrender Dear"/"My Bicycle Tillie". Bill Samuels is at the piano. Note that the ad indicates "...Trio", while the record label has their correct name "...Three". (The above ad copy courtesy of George Moonoogian. Thanks, George!)

Mercury Label-I Cover The Waterfront-Cats 'N Jammer Three-1946 Mercury Label-My Bicycle Tillie-Cats 'N Jammer Three-1947
Above Left: This is the first of nine records by Cats 'N Jammer Three, all released on Mercury in 1946-47. This came out about the same time as The Ink Spots' version... not sure which was first.

Above Left: "My Bicycle Tillie" released on Mercury 8021 in 1947, their fifth record. This definitely was prior to The Swallows' 1953 version!

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Label Photo For Medley Photo Of Cats 'N Jammer Three
Above Left: Label for Mercury 2021A... see medley below. Regarding the medley, "That Chick's Too Young To Fry" was released the month after The Deep River Boys' version.

Above Right: Photo of Cats 'N Jammer Three taken from a Chicago periodical dated 12/9/44 (pre-dating their first Mercury sides by about a year). (This photo courtesy of George Moonoogian. Thanks again, George!)

Click on an option below to listen to a medley of Cats 'N Jammer Three songs:
("I'm Coming Home To Stay" - Mercury 2021A, "That Chick's Too Young To Fry" - Mercury 8006-A, "I'm Falling For You" - Mercury 8006-B, all from 1946)

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