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"You Ain't Nothing But Trouble"/"Heartache Blues"
by Christine Kittrell
on Tennessee 133
released in 1952

Photo Of Christine Kittrell

Above: Photo of Christine Kittrell.

From Trade Magazine Article Dated December 13, 1952: Band-leader saxophonist Paul Williams, creator of the currently revived hit tune and dance, "The Hucklebuck," has just signed a new femme thrush -- the sensational Christine Kittrell. Discovered in Tennessee, Chris is rated as "the blues find of the decade," and Paul vows, "this girl will kill them." Gal has made three tryout appearances with the Williams aggregation, each time scoring unprecedented success. In Nashville recently, dancers stopped dancing to applaud the five-foot-six chirp for a solid ten minutes, demanding encore after encore.

Click HERE for a short article about Christine Kittrell by J.C. Marion.

Tennessee Label-You Ain't Nothing But Trouble-1952

Above: Label image of Tennessee 133 released in 1952. This was Kittrell's second and last release for her first label, moving to the subsidiary Republic label in 1953. In late 1954, she abandoned her R&B career and turned to gospel music.

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"You Ain't Nothing But Trouble" - Tennessee 133 - 1952
"Heartache Blues" - Tennessee 133 - 1952

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