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"I Don't Stand For That Jive"
by Bonnie Davis With The Bunny Banks Trio
on Savoy 5512-B
released in 1944

Photo Of Bonnie Davis

Above: Photo of Bonnie Davis.

Savoy Label-I Don't Stand For That Jive-1944

Above: Label image of Savoy 5512-B. This grouping later became The Piccadilly Pipers on Savoy, Raven, DeLuxe, Columbia, Coral, and "X"/Groove.

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Savoy Label Savoy Label

Above: Both sides of Savoy 102, the label's 3rd record, released in early 1943. Note the A-side label reads "Vocadance Bunny Banks Trio" and the B-side label has Bunny "at the piano". Note also that William Campbell is composer of "Don't Stop Now" as well as "I Don't Stand For That Jive". Campbell also shows up as writer of some of The 5 Red Caps sides on Beacon.

Research by George Moonoogian: "Bonnie was teamed up with The Bunny Banks Trio, which consisted of Clem Moorman (piano), Ernie Ransom (guitar), and Henry Padgett (bass). No idea who Bunny Banks was or if he was supposed to be there! Believe they eventually changed their name to that of the Lounge (The Piccadilly Pipers) that featured them!"

From Marv Goldberg (8-9-04): "Lending creedence to The Bunny Banks Trio becoming The Piccadilly Pipers, Savoy re-released both of the records (shown on this page) as by The Piccadilly Pipers (#102 as #102 and #5512 as #5531)."


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