Black Artist Movie Clips DVD
Item Number TP131:
Picture and sound quality are excellent (except clip #3 has fair picture and clips #27, 28, and 31 have slight static in the audio).

There are thirty-one selections of black artist performances taken from movies and short subjects. Twenty-two clips have vocal group harmony included, one clip is instrumental, and eight clips are single artists. Some have dancing included. Total running time is two hours. See the following list of selections for more information.

The DVD comes in a slim jewel case with a four page booklet giving detailed information for each selection.

Note: Some of the selections were taken from cable movie channels. These will occasionally show channel information or a small logo in the bottom right corner of the picture.

Selections For "Black Artist Movie Clips (1930's And 1940's)" DVD:
1. Barber Shop Blues (1933) "Careless Love" - Claude Hopkins Orchestra [2:29] Instrumental
2. Broadway Gondolier (1935) "Lulu's Back In Town" - Dick Powell, Mills Brothers [2:32]
3. Hooray For Love (1935) "Living In A Great Big Way" - Jeni LeGon, Bill Robinson, Fats Waller [8:57]
4. The Big Show (1936) "The Lady Known As Lulu" - Jones Boys [1:55]
5. Hi De Ho (1937) "The Hi-De-Ho Miracle Man" And Others - Cab Calloway And His Orchestra [10:50]
6. Round-Up Time In Texas (1937) "On Revival Day", "Dinah", "When The Bloom Is On The Sage" - Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Cabin Kids [3:19]
7. Git Along Little Dogies (1937) "After You've Gone" - Gene Autry, Cabin Kids [1:24]
8. Going Places (1938) "Mutiny In The Nursery" - Maxine Sullivan, Louis Armstrong, Dick Powell, Dandridge Sisters [6:00]
9. Two-Gun Man From Harlem (1938) "I'm A Happy Cowboy" - Herbert Jeffrey And Four Tones (Opening credits are shown over the first part of the song); Scat Singing - Cats And The Fiddle [3:42]
10. You'll Never Get Rich (1941) "Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye" - Fred Astaire, Four Tones [1:55]
11. Sweetheart Of The Campus (1941) "Tom Tom The Elevator Boy" - Leo Watson And Four Spirits Of Rhythm [2:39]
12. Lady Be Good (1941) "You'll Never Know" - Berry Brothers (James, Warren, Nyas) [2:34]
13. Panama Hattie (1942) "One Of Those Things" - Lena Horne; "The Sping" : Lena Horne And Berry Brothers [6:23]
14. Pardon My Sarong (1942) "Shout Brother Shout" - Four Ink Spots, Tip Tap And Toe [4:07]
15. Pardon My Sarong (1942) "Do I Worry?" - Four Ink Spots [2:44]
16. Reveille With Beverly (1943) "Cielito Lindo" - Mills Brothers [2:05]
17. Reveille With Beverly (1943) "Take The 'A' Train" - Duke Ellington Orchestra With Vocal Group [3:07]
18. Reveille With Beverly (1943) "Sweet Lucy Brown" - Mills Brothers [2:21]
19. Stormy Weather (1943) "There's No Two Ways About Love" - Lena Horne [2:31]
20. Stormy Weather (1943) "That Ain't Right" - Ada Brown And Fats Waller [3:00]
21. Stormy Weather (1943) "The Jumpin' Jive", "My My, Ain't That Somethin'" - Cab Calloway Orchestra, Nicholas Brothers (Fayard, Harold) [5:51]
22. Cabin In The Sky (1943) "Going Up" - Duke Ellington Orchestra; "Shine" - John W. "Bubbles" Sublett [6:36]
23. Carolina Blues (1944) "Mister Beebee" - Harold Nicholas, Four Dreamers, Four Step Brothers, June Richmond [6:32]
24. Meet Miss Bobby Socks (1944) "Deacon Jones" - Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five [2:38]
25. Two Girls And A Sailor (1944) "Paper Doll" - Lena Horne [3:21]
26. Studio Visit (1946) "Ain't It The Truth" - Lena Horne [1:33]
    (The above scene cut from "Stormy Weather" as too steamy)
27. Boy! What A Girl (1947) "Just In Case You Change Your Mind" - Deek Watson And His Brown Dots [3:22]
28. Boy! What A Girl (1947) "Satchel Mouth Baby" - Deek Watson And His Brown Dots [2:55]
29. The Sepia Cinderella (1947) "Is It Right?" - Deek Watson And His Brown Dots [3:13]
30. Words And Music (1948) "The Lady Is A Tramp" - Lena Horne [3:13] Technicolor
31. Miracle In Harlem (1948) "Patience And Fortitude" - Norma Shepherd; "Watch Out!" - Lynn Proctor Trio; "I Want To Be Loved" - Savannah Churchill And Lynn Proctor Trio [6:07]

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