DEEK WATSON AND HIS BROWN DOTS (1945-1949)                     
The Brown Dots have long deserved a reasonably decent CD of their songs. The problem is the very poor quality shellac that was used for the Manor records.
The tracks used for this CD were newly generated directly from the 78-rpm records. All of these records visually appear to be rated E (Excellent) or better, but their actual sound is a different story.
Dave Saviet has restored them to the best sound possible. However, on most tracks there will be some amount of surface noise.

Item Number TP160:

All of the tracks on this CD have been mastered using 44.1 kHz-16 bit WAV files. All selections were recorded directly from the original 78-rpm records specifically for this CD.

Be advised that Manor Records used the worst available recycled shellac with abundent amounts of added abrasive filler materials. Audio restoration is by Dave Saviet to produce the best possible sound quality. Audio samples (in both RealPlayer and Windows Media Player compressed formats) are provided below.

There are twenty-seven tracks of vocal group harmony from 1945 to 1949 totaling seventy-five minutes. See the track listing below for more information.

The CD is labeled and comes in a slim jewel case. It includes a color booklet with selected photos, clipping images and label scans, as well as the track listing.

Track Listing For "DEEK WATSON AND HIS BROWN DOTS (1945-1949)" CD:
1. Let's Give Love Another Chance - Manor 1005-A - 1945
2. Thirty-One Miles For A Nickel - Manor 1005-B - 1945
3. You're Heaven Sent - Manor 1009-A - 1945                               LISTEN (RealAudio)    LISTEN (Media Player)
4. Sentimental Reasons - Manor 1009-A - 1945 [Joe King Lead]
5. Just In Case You Change Your Mind - Manor 1015-A - 1945
6. You're A Heartache To Me - Manor 1015-B - 1945
7. That's What She Gets (For Not Listening To Her Mother) - Manor 1016-A - 1946          LISTEN (RealAudio)    LISTEN (Media Player)
8. Escuchame (Listen To Me) - Manor 1016-B - 1946
9. Patience And Fortitude - Manor 1017-A - 1946
10. Is It Right - Manor 1017-B - 1946
11. Surrender - Manor 1026-A - 1946
12. Satchelmouth Baby - Manor 1026-B - 1946
13. If I Can't Have You - Manor 1027-A - 1946
14. I'm Loving You For You - Manor 1027-B - 1946
15. Please Give A Broken Heart A Break - Manor 1032-A - 1946
16. Well Natch - Manor 1032-B - 1946
17. Rumors Are Flying - Manor 1040-A - 1946
18. You Took All My Love - Manor 1040-B - 1946
19. For Sentimental Reasons - Manor 1041-A - 1946 [Jimmie Nabbie Lead]               LISTEN (RealAudio)    LISTEN (Media Player)
20. It's A Pity To Say Goodnight - Manor 1041-B - 1946
21. Long Legged Lizzie - Manor 1044-B - 1946                                  LISTEN (RealAudio)    LISTEN (Media Player)
22. I Don't Know From Nothin' Baby - Manor 1057-A - 1947
23. Shout Brother Shout - Manor 1057-B - 1947
24. Bow-Wow-Wow - Manor 1170-A - 1949
25. At Our Fireplace - Manor 1170-B - 1949
26. If I Could Be With You - Gwenn Bell And... - Manor 1171-B - 1949
27. After A While - Gwenn Bell And... - Manor 1171-A - 1949

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