#872 (9/10/16 - 9/23/16)


"I'll Be Waiting For You"/"I Never Was So Surprised"
by Rita Moss And The Satisfiers
on Glenn 1001/1002
released circa 1951

Above: Rita Moss was born in Akron, OH. She took piano lessons as a child, although for the most part was self-taught. Rita was a pianist, organist and drummer, as well as a singer. Her first real break came in 1949, when she made her successful debut at the Park Avenue Restaurant in New York City. Her engagement there was extended for another seven months. Appearances in London, Ontario, and Cleveland followed, including five repeat performances at Leonard Feather's concerts.
(NOTE: Above information is from her Epic LP liner notes.)

The above picture shows the members of The Satisfiers who recorded with Perry Como in the 1940s. They are Helen Carroll, Ted Hanson, Art Lambert, and Bob Lange. Carroll left the group in the late 1940s. The members in 1957 were Del Loris Randall (alto/soprano), Bob Lange (tenor), Art Lambert (baritone) and Loren Welch (baritone). The members on this Glenn record are unknown (to me), except Lambert and Lange would probably be there. Randall did not join the group until April 1953.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette dated 4/6/53 confirms this is the same Satisfiers that had releases on Rudder Records in 1952/53.

Above: Sonny Dunham was a trombonist, trumpet player, singer, arranger, and orchestra leader. When still a teenager, in the late 1920s, he was with the Ben Bernie and Paul Tremaine orchestras. He played trumpet with the Casa Loma Orchestra throughout most of the 1930s, after which he formed his own orchestra. Dunham appeared in one movie and four musical shorts in the 1940s. He dissolved his band in 1951, joining Tommy Dorsey for a while before reformimg in 1952.

Above: Label image of Glenn 1002 released circa 1951. The flip is Glenn 1001. No information was found regarding Glenn Records located in New York City. Was Richard Criger involved with the label? He is shown as composer on both sides. Chances are this was the only release on the label.

Rita Moss also had releases on Futurama (1950), Decca (1951-52) and Mercury (1953-54). During that time, The Satisfiers had releases on Dubonnet (1950), RCA Victor (1950-51), Abbey (1951), U.S. (1951), Rudder (1952-53), Maestro (1953), and Rainbow (1954). They also had later releases on Jubilee (1955), Belle (1956), Coral (1956-57) and Verve (1958).

NOTE: Most discographical information provided at this website is from Ferdie Gonzalez' Disco-File.

Listen to this week's selections featuring Rita Moss And The Satisfiers on Glenn 10001/1002 from circa 1951:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. I'll Be Waiting For You
          2. I Never Was So Surprised
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I'll Be Waiting For You
          2. I Never Was So Surprised

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          1. I'll Be Waiting For You
          2. I Never Was So Surprised
          BOTH played in sequence

From Post Standard (Syracuse, NY) dated 6/9/54

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