#877 (11/19/16 - 12/2/16)


"I Ain't Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares For Me)"
by Oran "Hot Lips" Page And His Band
Vocal by The Harlem Highlanders
on Decca 7714 A
released in 1940

Above: The Harlem Highlanders from Wilkes-Barre Record dated 7/8/42. "Highlighting the season's outstanding stage show at the Penn Theater tomorrow will be the "Six Lovely Ladies," N.B.C.'s renowned radio glee club, and the Harlem Highlanders, Boogie Woogie syncopators....

IN THE ABOVE PHOTO: (L-R) Snaggs Allen, Eddie Johnson, Sonny Austin, and Pete Glover.

Pittsburgh Courier, March 22, 1942: ....new show at 666 Club (Detroit)....Nicely co-featured are the Harlem Highlanders who offer about the most unusual entertainment enjoyed here in years. Their act consists of vocal harmony novelties, instrumental arrangements and tap routines with song accompaniment....

Pittsburgh Courier, July 1942: The "Harlem Highlanders," those lads of song and dance in Kilts, after a previous successful run in Philadelphia night clubs, and a week's interim playing theatres in Hazelton and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., returned to Philadelphia on Monday, July 13, for an indefinite run at Di Pinto's club, one of Philly's finest.

New York Age, December 18, 1945: Billy Holiday and Ted McRae's Band At The Apollo Theatre ....The Harlem Highlanders, those dancing and singing fools, will head the supporting cast. It will mark the first appearance which this group has made the stage of the Apollo this season. They have been headlined in several well-known night clubs for the past few years....

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Above: From Pittsburgh Press dated 6/10/45.

At Right: From Philadelphia Inquirer dated 2/6/46.

Above: From St. Louis Star And Times dated 8/11/45.

Above: From The Tennessean (Nashville) dated 11/11/46.

Above Left: Oran "Hot Lips" Page clipping from The Evening News (Harrisburg, PA) dated 7/1/46.

Above Right: Label image of Decca 7714 recorded on January 23, 1940 and released later in 1940. This is the only known record by The Harlem Highlanders.

Listen to this week's selection featuring The Harlem Highlanders on Decca 7714 from 1940:
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          I Ain't Got Nobody

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          I Ain't Got Nobody

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          I Ain't Got Nobody

From St. Louis Star And Times 8/6/45.

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