#868 (7/16/16 - 7/29/16)

"Chapel Of Memories"/"Song Of India"
by Sonny Woods With The Twigs
And Johnny Moore's Blazers
on Hollywood 1015
released in 1954

Above: Pictures of Sonny Woods from 1946 and 1944. No pictures and very little information could be found for Sonny Woods after 1946. So, for the most part, his early career is shown on this page.

From Marv Goldberg:
He's born Percy Wood on April 15, 1909 in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. In 1940, he's living in New York City with wife Bobbie. They both listed their occupations as "soloist, orchestra". He's with Louis Armstrong/Luis Russell (as "Sonny Woods") until late 1943, when he's drafted (his documents put him in the class of "actors and actresses"). By that time, he seems to have been living in Los Angeles. He served from November 11, 1943 to November 13, 1945. While in the army, he starred in many shows.
After his discharge, he appears in "Rhythm Town" in Los Angeles. He died, in L.A. on November 13, 1979.

(NOTE: Sonny's wife was Bobbie [later Bobbe] Caston, who also was a singer with Luis Russell/Louis Armstrong circa 1935-1938 at the same time that Sonny was there.)

From California Eagle dated July 1952:
"Christopher Brown" Is New Musical Hit
....boasting a cast of 47 negro actors, singers, and dancers led by the winsome author himself (Horace Stewart) and the redoubtable Rex Ingram, and introducing the fresh, exciting Sonny Woods and Mauri Lynn....And there are hit possibilities....sung with hard-working care by Sonny Woods' tenor voice....

(This photo provided by Austin Casey, photo by William Sabo courtesy of his son, Bill Sabo.)
Above: Sonny Woods singing with Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong's orchestra. Armstrong is seated at left, holding his trumpet.

Above: Clipping announcing the appearance of Louis Armstrong And His Famous Orchestra featuring his vocalists Midge Williams and Sonny Woods, taken from The Bee (Cleveland) dated 8/21/39.


Harrisburg (PA) Telegraph dated 7/19/44.

Evening News (Harrisburg) dated 5/25/45.

Above: Clipping from New York Sun dated 1/5/39. SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTION THE DANDRIDGE SISTERS.

Johnny Moore.

Johnny Moore's Blazers' original members (L-R) Eddie Williams. Johnny Moore, Charles Brown.
(NOTE: Charles Brown left the group in the late 1940s.)

[The above photos provided by Hans-Joachim Krohberger.]

Above: Label image of Hollywood 1015 released in April 1954. It was Sonny Woods With The Twigs' first of two releases on the Hollywood label, both in 1954. The Twigs also backed Linda Hayes and Ben Hughes on one record each, on Hollywood in 1954. This seems to be the total output for The Twigs.

Sonny Woods And The Four Winds had two releases on the Middle-Tone label (1956-1957).

The Billboard Review (5/8/54):

Chapel Of Memories
(77) High tenor of the lead singer projects the tender opus warmly. Backing is designed to provide the proper atmosphere. An impressive side.
Song Of India (74) The boys take off on a wild version of the familiar Rimsky-Korsakov melody, here twisted somewhat out of shape. But performance is effective.

(NOTE: A ratings range of 70-79 was considered "good.")

NOTE: Most discographical information provided at this website is from Ferdie Gonzalez' Disco-File. The new FIFTH EDITION is now available.

Listen to this week's selections featuring Sonny Woods With The Twigs on Hollywood 1015 from 1954:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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          1. Chapel Of Memories
          2. Song Of India
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Chapel Of Memories
          2. Song Of India

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          1. Chapel Of Memories
          2. Song Of India
          BOTH played in sequence
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Sonny Woods (Cal. Eagle 6/13/46)


STAR OF "RHYTHM TOWN"—Utilizing an excellent tenor voice
to advantage and showing real stage savvy, SONNY WOODS is
easily the star of the current musical comedy "Rhythm Town," which
opened last Thursday night at the Beaux Arts theatre.

....Sonny Woods with a magnificent tenor voice held the show
together just as surely and firmly as the strand upon which matched
pearls are strung....

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