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"*What Is A Teen-Ager's Prayer"/"Bang Goes My Heart"
by The Moroccos
on United U-204
released in 1956

Above: A 1955 photo of The Moroccos consisting of (L-R) Ralph Vernon (tenor), Fred Martin (bass), Sollie McElroy (lead tenor), Melvin Morrow (tenor), and George Kemp (baritone). This is the line-up for their first two records on the United label. For United U-204 and U-207, Calvin Barron replaced Kemp.

Above: Another photo of The Moroccos consisting of (Back L-R) Ralph Vernon, Sollie McElroy, (Front L-R) Fred Martin, George Kemp, and Melvin Morrow.

EXTRA AUDIO - PART ONE (Windows Media Player):

Listen to "Pardon My Tears" - The Moroccos - United U-188 - 1955.

Listen to "Sad Sad Hours" - The Moroccos - United U-207 - 1956.

The credited composer of "Pardon My Tears" is Browley Guy, who recorded for United Records' subsidiary label, States, both as a single artist and with a vocal group, The Skyscrapers. Credited composer of the flip "Chicken" is Al Smith, A&R Director and sometimes band leader for United Records.

The credited composer of "Sad Sad Hours" and the flip "The Hex" is Leonard Allen, owner of both United and States. George Kemp has claimed himself as the actual composer of these sides.

EXTRA AUDIO - PART TWO (Windows Media Player):

(Sollie McElroy - 1992)

(Sollie McElroy - 1954)

(Above Left) Singing "Golden Teardrops" at UGHA Show on 11/4/92 and (Above Right) as lead singer of The Flamingos in 1954. Of course, it was The Flamingos that gave us the legendary "Golden Teardrops" on the legendary Chance label in 1953, with McElroy singing the lead.

Listen to "Golden Teardrops" - Sollie McElroy And The Ecstasies - UGHA Show - 1992.

Yes, folks, I was there, up close to the front. Of all the songs out of the many hundreds I've heard at UGHA, this is the one performance that I remember the most. Many thanks to the late Ronnie Italiano and UGHA.

Above: Label image of United U-204 recorded in July 1956 and released in September 1956. Sollie McElroy sings lead on this side, while Ralph Vernon does the honor on the flip. This is the third of four releases by The Moroccos on the United label (1955-56). They also backed Lillian Brooks on two records on King (1956). And they had one release on Salem (1957) as The Moroccans.

It is merely a coincidence that “Prayer” is composer and "Prayer" is in the song title. Prayer is George Kemp, a member of the group. He used his birth surname of “Prayer” as his composer name. He also composed the flip side of this record. Just prior to recording these sides, Kemp joined the Marines and was replaced by Calvin Barron.

Vocal groups, who recorded for the United label, include The Dozier Boys, The Four Blazes, The Five C's, Debbie Andrews And The Muskateers, The Pastels, and The Sheppards. And for the States label, The Hornets, Browley Guy And The Skyscrapers, The Danderliers, The Five Chances, The Palms, and The Strollers.

Listen to this week's selections by The Moroccos on United U-204 from 1956:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. What Is A Teen-Ager's Prayer
          2. Bang Goes My Heart
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. What Is A Teen-Ager's Prayer
          2. Bang Goes My Heart

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          1. What Is A Teen-Ager's Prayer
          2. Bang Goes My Heart

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