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#761 (Week of 6/9/12- 6/15/12)

"(Take My Money) Take My Love"/"If I Didn't Love You"
by Teddy Williams And The Federalites
on Federal 12017-A/AA
released in 1951

Above: Teddy Williams from New York Age newspaper dated 12/24/49.

Above: Teddy Williams was the baritone for Bill Kenny's Ink Spots from early 1952 to August 1952. Above clipping is from the 8/16/52 edition of The Billboard. Hal Francis was the group's pianist/arranger at the time. The un-named Adriel McDonald was their bass singer.


Above: (Left) Clipping from The Billboard dated 2/21/53 and (Right) Review from The Billboard dated 3/21/53. Teddy Williams recorded for M-G-M after leaving The Ink Spots.

The Billboard, January 3, 1953: ....New talent signed by Joe Davis for the M-G-M r.&b. department includes Millie Bosman, Boote Green, Teddy Williams, The Crickets, Al King, Paula Watson and Beulah Bryant....

Reference Link:      The Crickets on M-G-M.

Above: Column from The Billboard dated 6/13/53. A review of the Jay-Dee discography reveals no releases by Teddy Williams on that label.

Reference Links:      Joe Davis      The Crickets on Jay-Dee.

Above: Label image of Federal 12017 recorded on 1/21/51 and released in February 1951. Teddy Williams had one other release on Federal (1951), as a single artist. The Federalites, a female vocal group, had one other record on Federal (1951) backing Joe Bailey. Wonder if Federal, who namesaked them after this newly formed label, had bigger plans for them?

Trade Magazine Article (11/11/50): ....A new King Records subsidiary, probably to be named Federal Records, is set to make its bow shortly.... Label will also be used to develop talent which may be switched to the regular King label....
(NOTE: Neither Teddy Williams or The Federalites ever did show up on the King label.)

Listen to this week's selections by Teddy Williams And The Federalites on Federal 12017-A/AA from 1951:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. (Take My Money) Take My Love
          2. If I Didn't Love You
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. (Take My Money) Take My Love
          2. If I Didn't Love You

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          1. (Take My Money) Take My Love
          2. If I Didn't Love You

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