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"Strange Land Blues"/"Cryin' For My Baby"
by The Flames
on Spin 101 A/B
released in 1952


Above: At right is circa 1952 photo of The Flames. (L-R) Leon Hughes (tenor), Bobby Byrd (bass, baritone, tenor), Curlee Dinkins (baritone, bass) and David Ford (tenor). For the Spin record, Willie Ray Rockwell (tenor, photo at left) replaced Hughes. They were also known as The Four Flames, The Hollywood Flames, Hollywood's Four Flames, and The Hollywood Four Flames.

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Above Left: Column from The Billboard dated 11/17/51. "The Four Flames" had two releases on Fidelity in 1951 and one on Specialty in 1952.

Above Right: Column from The Billboard dated 9/4/54. There were two re-issues on Decca by "The Hollywood Flames" in 1954-55, all four sides from Lucky Records masters recorded in 1954.

Above Left: Ad from The Billboard dated 10/25/52.

Above Right: Label image of Spin 101 A released in mid-1952. Willie Ray Rockwell sings lead on this side and Bobby Byrd does the honors on the flip side. "Strange Land Blues" by blues singer Walter Davis in 1931 is a different song with an opposing theme (love for California). The Flames, under various names, also had releases on Selective (1950-52), Unique (1951), Fidelity/Specialty (1951-52), Recorded In Hollywood (1952), Aladdin/7-11 (1952-54), Swing Time (1953-54), Lucky (1954), Money (1954-55), and Decca (1954-55).

Trade Magazine: René, Love Launch Spin Records
LOS ANGELES, September 6, 1952—Spin Records, newest of the independents to enter the recording field, has been started here by songwriter Otis René and bandleader Preston Love. Ready for distribution are the firm's first four sides. They are "Strange Land Blues" b/w "Cryin' For My Baby" featuring the Four Flames [sic], and "Kissin' Boogie" b/w "Jumpin' For Charles." Love's combo is featured on the latter sides, which are authored by Johnny Otis.
Love at one time worked with the Lionel Hampton and Johnny Otis orchestras, and is considered one of the top-flight saxmen and musicians in the country today.
Otis René, who years ago studied at the Universary of Illinois School of Pharmacy, helped write the great favorite of years back, "Sleepy Time Down South" plus many other popular songs of the past decade.
(NOTE: No evidence could be found of any other releases on this label other than the two noted.)

Listen to this week's selections by The Flames on Spin 101 A/B from 1952:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Strange Land Blues
          2. Cryin' For My Baby
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Strange Land Blues
          2. Cryin' For My Baby

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          1. Strange Land Blues
          2. Cryin' For My Baby

(Preston Love)
(Otis René)

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