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#769 (9/1/12 - 9/14/12)

"Sing To Me"/"I Swear By All The Stars Above"
by The Griffins
on Mercury 70558
released in 1955


Above: Photo of The Griffins, who consisted of William Alford, Joshua Bright, William Ross, Lawrence Tate, and Lewis Thompson. They were from Washington, DC. Ross and Tate had been with The Heartbreakers on RCA Victor.

Above: Another photo of The Griffins. Both photos are courtesy of The Doo-Wop Blog.


Above: Clipping from 2/19/55 and review from 3/19/55.

Above: Label image of Mercury 70558 recorded on January 26, 1955 and released in February 1955. This is The Griffins' first of four records they had on Mercury/Wing (1955-56). The flip has an intro/outro reminiscent of The Spaniel's 1953 "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight."

"J. Griffin" is credited as composer on both sides. Was this Jimmy Griffin of The Griffin Brothers? Was he somehow involved with this group?

Listen to this week's selections by The Griffins on Mercury 70558 from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Sing To Me
          2. I Swear By All The Stars Above
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Sing To Me
          2. I Swear By All The Stars Above

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          1. Sing To Me
          2. I Swear By All The Stars Above

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