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#808 (3/1/14 - 3/14/14)


"Paint A Sky For Me"
by Viola Watkins
(And Vocal Group)
on Jubilee 5095
released in 1952

Above Left: Super Disc ad from The Billboard dated 1/3/48 featuring Viola Watkins. Billboard review of Super Disc 1047... "Vocal by Watkins makes disk above average." Her first record was on Chicago's Ebony label released in 1945.

Above Right: MGM buys out Super Disc per The Billboard dated 7/3/48. Billboard review of MGM 10344... "Thrush does a lively vocal and piano bit...engaging..." Viola had two releases each on Super Disc (1948) and MGM (1948-49).

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Above: "Promotional" column from New York Age newspaper dated 3/4/50 touting Jubilee Records' accomplishments. The article has no byline, but from the content could well have been written by Jerry Blaine himself. The picture of Mr. Blaine is from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle dated 8/15/37.

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Above: Jubilee clipping from The Billboard dated 9/13/52.

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Above: Clippings from (Left) The Billboard dated 10/25/52 and (Right) Herald Statesman newspaper (located in Yonkers, NY) dated 2/7/58.
Above: Label image of Jubilee 5095 released in September 1952. The flip is a duet with Viola Watkins and Otis Blackwell, but no vocal group backing. She had one other release, as a single artist, on Jubilee (1949). She also sang with The Crows on one side (Seven Lonely Days) on Rama Records (1953). She is co-composer of The Crows' big hit "Gee" on Rama, and plays piano on it.

Listen to this week's selection by by Viola Watkins (And Vocal Group) on Jubilee 5095 from 1952:
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Paint A Sky For Me

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