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#842 (7/4/15 - 7/17/15)

"I'll Never Tire Of You"
The Bombers
on Orpheus A1101-A/AA
released in 1955

[The above photo courtesy of Bonnie Moore, George Comfort and Todd Baptista. (Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved)]
Above: The Bombers, 1956, clockwise from top, consisted of Bowling Mansfield (first tenor), Cecil Dandy (second tenor), Ellison White (bass), and George Comfort (baritone). Mansfield, White, and Comfort, along with Buell Thomas, had been The Four Jacks on the Federal label (1952).


Above: (L-R) John Arcesi, Leo Mesner and Eddie Mesner.

Orpheus Records was formed in late 1955 by John Anthony Arcesi, a singer and song-writer. His goal was to develop and record other artists. The label was also intended as a vehicle to record some of his own compositions. Tony Conti, Chick Johnson and Chris Darcy are some of the aliases that Arcesi used for composing. Johnson shows up as composer credit on "Malena," while Darcy appears on the flip side of the record. For the second record released by The Bombers, "Two Time Heart" is co-composed by Johnson (BMI shows John Arcesi) with Ellison White also getting credit, and "Sentence Of Love" is co-composed by Johnson (BMI shows Tony Conti).

A trade magazine column dated February 4, 1956 states that Aladdin toppers, Leo and Eddie Mesner, had recently formed the new labels Jazz West and Ultra (name changed to Dig) and "in addition to the above firms, the Mesners are currently operating Aladdin, Score, Lamp and Orpheus Records." Had they purchased Orpheus from Arcesi? Or is the article mistaken and the Mesners were actually "distributing" Orpheus or had no involvement at all?

In the February 23, 1959 issue of The Billboard, a column "28 MORE JOIN LABEL PARADE" includes Orpheus Records, located at 1107 North El Centro Avenue, Los Angeles, as one of the "newcomers." Had the label been re-activated? Also listed in this article is Con-Quer Records at the same address. Was this a subsidiary of Orpheus or a different company at the same location?

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Picture At Far Left: Lil Greenwood from April 1960.

Listen to "Never Again" - Lil Greenwood And The Four Jacks - Federal 12093 - 1952.

Listen to "Grandpa Can Boogie Too" - Lil Greenwood And The Four Jacks - Federal 12093 - 1952.

Federal 12093 was recorded on April 25, 1952 and released in August 1952. It is the second of two records where Lil was backed by The Four Jacks, the first on Federal 12082, recorded in the same session and released in June 1952.

The Billboard Review (9/6/52):

Grandpa Can Boogie Too
(74) The thrush does a strong job on this bouncy, fast-tempo novelty, as she explains about her grandpa, who is still young for his age. This driving item could catch a few coins.
Never Again (68) The Greenwood gal socks over a good vocal on a spiritual-styled ballad, but is not helped by the material. Thrush can belt out a tune, and with the right material, she may break thru someday.

(NOTE: A ratings range of 70-79 was considered "good" and 40-69 "satisfactory.")


(1958 New York)

(1960 Akron)

(1998 Pensacola)

(1960 Chicago)

(1962 Oakland)

Above: Label image of Orpheus A1101-A released in December 1955. This is the first of two records by The Bombers, the second released in June 1956.

The Billboard Review (2/16/56):

I'll Never Tire Of You
(74) Pop-type song is intoned by a rich bari lead and good group backed by organ and rhythm. Can make some noise if it gets properly pushed.
Malena (68) Great bass lead on this side, but the material is stronger on the flip.

(NOTE: A ratings range of 70-79 was considered "good" and 60-69 "satisfactory.")

Listen to this week's selections by The Bombers on Orpheus A1101 from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Malena
          2. I'll Never Tire Of You
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Malena
          2. I'll Never Tire Of You

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          1. Malena
          2. I'll Never Tire Of You
          BOTH played in sequence

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