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#805 (1/17/14 - 1/30/14)

"Lonely Mood"/"Baby, Come Back To Me"
by The Five Echoes
on Sabre 102
released in 1953

Above: The Five Echoes (L-R) Johnnie Taylor, Earl Lewis, Constant Sims, Jimmy Marshall, and Freddie Matthews. Mathews was not present on any recordings. For Sabre 102, remove Johnnie Taylor, but add Tommy Hunt and Walter Spriggs to the group, making them a sixsome. For Sabre 105, Johnnie Taylor was present, but Hunt and Spriggs were not.

[The clipping at left is courtesy of Galen Gart.]
Above: The Five Echoes advertisements from (Left & Right Top) October 1953 and (Right Bottom) March 1955. The labels on their two Vee-Jay records show them as "The Five Echos."

Above Left: Label image of Sabre 102 released in September 1953. Walter Spriggs is composer and lead singer on both sides. This is the first of two records by The Five Echoes on Sabre (1953-54). They also had two releases on Vee-Jay (1955).

Above Right: Ike "Fats" Cole, who was a pianist, singer, composer and band leader (as well as Nat "King" Cole's brother), is playing the piano on this record.
From Marv Goldberg: Notice that the label says "Fats Coles", not "Fats Cole". The family name really was "Coles", but Nat changed it, so that "King Cole Trio" would sound better. All his brothers eventually adopted the "Cole" spelling.

Trade Magazine, October 1953: "...Art Sheridan came up with a new release which looks very promising. On the Sabre label, it's called "Lonely Mood" b/w "Baby, Come Back To Me," sung by the Five Echoes, a new group from right here in Chicago...."
(NOTE: Sheridan was owner and operator of Chance Records in Chicago, of which Sabre was a subsidiary.)

Listen to this week's selections by The Five Echoes on Sabre 102 from 1953:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Lonely Mood
          2. Baby, Come Back To Me
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Lonely Mood
          2. Baby, Come Back To Me

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          1. Lonely Mood
          2. Baby, Come Back To Me

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