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#763 (Week of 6/23/12- 6/29/12)

"I've Kept Everything The Same For You"/
"I Wish I Had A Dime (For Ev'ry Heart You've Broken)"
by The Beale Street Boys
on M-G-M 10505-A/B
released in 1949

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[The above photo is provided courtesy of Rev. Philip Beauchamp.]
Above: Photo of The Beale Street Boys from the 1930's. The group consisted of William Barnes (first tenor and guitarist), Bob Davis (second tenor), James Pugh (baritone), and David Pugh (bass).

From The Billboard 1/3/42: PHILADELPHIA: Prospects of local bands and singers making recordings always mean added play for the local machines.... And the Beale Street Boys, always big at the local night clubs, go to the Okeh label.
(NOTE: No "Beale Street Boys" releases show up in either the Okeh or Columbia discographies.)

From The Billboard 1/3/42: ....The Beale Street Boys, current at the local niteries [Philadelphia], skedded to return to the NBC airlines next month....

From The Billboard 1/31/42: ....The Beale Street Boys headline Irving Wolf's Rendevous [Philadelphia].

From The Billboard 11/14/42: Gale's Four Chimes NEW YORK, Nov. 7A new sepia outfit, Four Chimes, is being formed consisting of Charley Ford, former pianist and arranger for the Deep River Boys, David Pugh, previously with the Beale Street Boys, and two femme vocalists, Vivian Eley and Christine Royce. Combo is being handled by Gale Miniature Attractions.
(NOTE: No further mention of this Four Chimes group could be found in The Billboard. If David Pugh ever actually left The Beale Street Boys, he did return to them.)

Above: Column about the early days of The Beale Street Boys from The Afro-American (Baltimore) newspaper dated 6/16/34. They also appeared in the 1935 movie, "Gift Of Gab," singing "I Ain't Gonna Sin No More."

Above: M-G-M advertisement for The Beale Street Boys's record from The Billboard dated 9/24/49.

Above: Review of The Beale Street Boys' record from The Billboard dated 9/17/49.

Above: Label image of M-G-M 10505 recorded on 12/18/47 and released in September 1949. It was the final release of four records that The Beale Street Boys had on M-G-M (1948-49). All eight sides were recorded on various days in December 1947. The other six sides are featured at a previous Record of the Week.

From The Billboard 12/6/47: ....MGM's Harry Meyerson signed a vocal group, the Beale Street Boys, for a number of sides....

Listen to this week's selections by The Beale Street Boys on M-G-M 10505-A/B from 1949:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. I've Kept Everything The Same For You
          2. I Wish I Had A Dime
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I've Kept Everything The Same For You
          2. I Wish I Had A Dime

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          1. I've Kept Everything The Same For You
          2. I Wish I Had A Dime

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