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"It's That Feeling"
by Buddy Baer
With The Jud Conlon Rhythmaires
on Vito VO-110
released in 1954

Above: Vito Recording Company advertisement from The Billboard dated 7/17/54. No evidence of any actual releases by Rozelle Gayle, Carolyn Grey or The Three Vees could be found, exciting or otherwise. A total of only four of the five releases shown in the above advertisemant (with Vito numbers assigned) could be verified. Helen Troy's second release could not be found elsewhere. Also, nothing could be found regarding the missing record numbers VO-104, VO-107 and VO-108. The record numbers seem to be derived from the matrix numbers (stamped in the "dead wax"), possibly indicating the sequence of the recording sessions.

Vito, located in Hollywood, CA, was formed in February 1954. It's first release was in April 1954 and it appears that the last was in July 1954. In the 7/31/54 issue of The Billboard, there is a mention of "Joe Dale, of Vito Records, making a brief talk about his line and its artists...." at a California Music Merchant's Association meeting. No other reference to Vito ownership or management could be found. No mention of Vito could be found after The Billboard review of Vito 112/113 in the 8/7/54 issue.

Excerpts from The Billboard:
(3/27/54) ....Vito Records has added Milt Salstone as distrib in Chicago, replacing the Jimmy Martin firm....

(4/3/54) ....Carolyn Grey, who chirped with the Gene Krupa and Woody Herman orks, set for a series of sides with Vito Records....

(4/10/54) ....Tony Romano and Helen Troy subbed on the Howard Miller D.J. show out of Chicago last week....

(5/15/54) ....Chirp Helen Troy slated for an M-G-M pic test....

(6/5/54) ....Helen Troy and Tony Romano etched a couple of sides this week for Vito Records....

(7/3/54) ....Buddy Baer off to Sacremento for a guest shot on brother Max's radio show....

Above: (Left) Movie star Jane Powell with Buddy Baer demonstrating his giant size and (Right) The Jud Conlon Rhythmaires from 1952.

Above: (Left) Vito advertisement, from The Billboard dated 5/8/54, offering an optimistic prognosis for their first release and (Right) a column, from The Billboard dated 6/26/54, announcing Buddy Baer's signing with Vito.

Above: Two sequential advertisements unveiling Buddy Baer's upcoming Vito release, from The Billboard dated 6/26/54 and 7/3/54.

Above: Label image of Vito VO-110 released in either late June or early July 1954. Note the keyboard design in the "V." This was Buddy Baer's only release on the label. The Jud Conlon Rhythmaires sing on both sides of this record and also back Helen Troy on Vito VO-101 "A Kiss In The Dark." They had previously recorded for the Trend label in Los Angeles.

The Billboard Review (7/10/54):

It's That Feeling
(68) A slight jubilee spritual effort receives a surprisingly good reading from the ex-prize fighter. He sings it with a lot of power, over good support from the Jud Conlon Rhythmaires. Baer could get attention with stronger material.

(NOTE: Ratings had a range of 0-100 with 60-69 as "satisfactory.")

Listen to this week's selections by Buddy Baer With The Jud Conlon Rhythmaires on Vito VO-110 from 1954:
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