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"It Must Be Love"
by Sally Gooding And The Three Peppers
on Vocalion v4169
released in 1938 [recorded in 1937]


"Brownskin" supreme, and one that has the brown skin that you love to touch. Sally Gooding is the last word in the proverbial sweet Georgia Brown. She's knockin' 'em cold in the nite clubs in New York and Philadelphia. She sings, she dances and she does things!
(Pittsburgh Courier 10/12/35)


(Morning Sun, Pittsburgh, 3/3/35)

(Plain Speaker, Hazelton, PA, 11/29/41)

New York Age, September 8, 1934:
Harlem was well represented by Sally Gooding of the Cotton Club revue who put over in a striking manner her number "Superstition." She had the proper setting, she got into the right mood and with a good strong pulsating voice, she gave of her best and her best was damn good. She also assisted Woods Miller in singing "Midtown."

Pittsburgh Press, February 9, 1935:
....the ear-splitting scorch singing of Sally Gooding.... at Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh....

Philadelphia Inquirer, July 3, 1935:
It is a whole new show at the air-cooled Memphis Club.... Sepia stars include.... Sally Gooding, who spent two years at the Cotton Club. She makes her first appearance in Philadelphia....

Baltimore Afro-American, August 24, 1935:
....Sally Gooding is in her tenth week at the Memphis Club in Philly....

Pittsburgh Courier, August 31, 1935:
SALLY GOODING IS MEMPHIS CLUB HIT—Sally Gooding is scoring quite a success at The Memphis Club here.

New York Age, April 22, 1939:
"See Harlem First," a new musical revue, which will be Harlem's contribution to the entertainment of incoming World's Fair visitors, will make its premiere on Sunday, April 30th, at the Plantation Club.... Among the stars who have just been signed for the new Plantation Club musical are Sally Gooding, blues singer....

Washington Afro-American, May 27, 1939:
....Sally Gooding is regular at the Plantation Club in Harlem....

Pittsburgh Courier, August 26, 1939:
RETREAT FEATURES SALLY GOODING—Sally Gooding, blues singer, is now a nightly feature at Villepigue's, the historic dining and dancing retreat at Sheepshead Bay [Brooklyn] which has revived week-end revues with Arthur Davey and his Cotton Club band doing the playing.

Brooklyn Eagle, July 26, 1940:
Pleased that its business this year far exceeds last year's, Villepigue's Inn in Sheepshead Bay today extended the engagement of Arthur Davey's Orchestra through this its 54th season. Sally Gooding is the featured vocalist....

Above: Still shot of Sally Gooding from the 1933 movie short "Mills Blue Rhythm Band." Sally also appeared in one other short, "Hits Of Today" from 1934 and one movie "The Notorious Elinor Lee" from 1940.

Listen to "Love Is The Thing/There Goes My Headache" by Sally Gooding With Mills Blue Rhythm Band from the 1933 short. (Windows Media Player)

(At Left) From Indianapolis Recorder 9/12/36:

The Three Peppers, who are featured nightly at the Kit Kat club in New York City, caught giving their melodic version of "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie."
Left to right: Toy Wilson, piano; Robert Bell, guitar; and Walter Williams, bass fiddle.
Robert Bell, formerly of St. Louis, at one time was a member of the Fate Marble-Charlie Creath orchestra.

(Below) From Pittsburgh Post Gazette 12/2/50:

Red pepper and jam served up hot in this platter by the swingsome Three Peppers. It's the "Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere," the ditty with which the Peppermen rode to swingsong fame not so long ago. Daisies won't tell, and though the clary, trumpet, drum combo backing up the Peppers is anonymous, they play like Harlem's best....

Pepperdust: Bob Bell, the chief speck of pepper with the Three Peppers, was formerly a bass slapper with a M'sippi river-boat band.... Wouldn't let him sing, so he quit and bummed his way to Cleveland where he was once promised a job.... Didn't get the job, but met two other job-hunters who could also sing and play.... One was simply called Walter, brother of Pops of the well-known Pops and Louie dance team. The other, who played piano and did singles was Toy Wilson, now making good on his own.... Bob Bell had a big idea—"hired" these two and came to New York. George Immerman, renowned Gotham bookie of colored talent, became interested and introduced them to night clubs, theatres and radio.... Five months ago Toy Wilson left and was replaced by "Roy"... Bob and Walter double on guitar and bass fiddle while Roy tickles the ivories.... At present doing a bit for the famous 52nd Street Hickory House where many a midnight jam session takes place.

1. "The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere" was done at the same 3/9/37 session as the three Sally Gooding and The Three Peppers' sides.
2. This side was reissued on Vocalion 3805 in October 1937.
3. Oliver "Toy" Wilson was affectionately known as "Uncle" Wilson or "Unc."
4. Walter is Walter Williams. The "Roy" referred to is Roy Branker.

Listen to "The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere" by The Three Peppers on Variety 650 released in September 1937. (Windows Media Player)

(New York Sun 5/25/33)

(Schenectady Gazette 8/6/38)

   (Jamestown Evening Journal 4/12/35)

EXTRA AUDIO SELECTIONS (Windows Media Player):


Listen to "Yours All Yours"

Listen to "Smile Up At The Sun"

Variety was in existence for less than one year, but gave vocal group fans two releases by The Five Jones Boys and four releases by The Three Peppers (in addition to the three Sally Gooding/Three Peppers sides).

Above: Label image of Vocalion v4169 recorded on 3/9/37 and released in June 1938. Note the "Produced by Master Records, Inc." on the label. Master Records, Inc., a New York City company founded by Irving Mills, owned both the Master and Variety labels. This side was purchased from Variety and is one of the three Sally Gooding And The Three Peppers sides recorded in its 3/9/37 session. The "v" in the record number may indicate "Variety." The Variety label was discontinued about September 1937. Many of the artists that had recorded for Variety continued to record for Master Records. These and some of the Variety's previous inventory were sold to Vocalion and Brunswick.

Listen to this week's selections by Sally Gooding And The Three Peppers on Vocalion v4169 from 1938:
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