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"I'm Just A Dancing Partner"
by The Platters
on Mercury 70753
released in 1955

Above: The Platters in 1955 (Top L-R) Tony Williams (lead tenor), Paul Robi (baritone), (Bottom L-R) Zola Taylor (alto), David Lynch (tenor), Herb Reed (bass). They were inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1990.

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Above: The Platters' classic line-up.

Above: The Platters (L-R) Herb Reed, David Lynch, Zola Taylor, Tony Williams, and Paul Robi.

Above: The Platters in 1967 (L-R) Herb Reed, Sonny Turner, Sandra Dawn, Larry Johnson, and Nate Nelson. Nate had been a member of The Flamingos. There were many different line-ups over the years for Herb Reed's Platters groups.

Above: The Platters in 2005 (L-R) Herb Reed, William Newton, DD Martin, and Wayne Miller.

Above: Label image of Mercury 70753 recorded on 10/1/55 and released in November 1955. It was the second record of many The Platters had on Mercury (1955-64). They previously had recorded seven records for the Federal label (1953-55).

Listen to this week's selection by The Platters on Mercury 70753 from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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          I'm Just A Dancing Partner

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          I'm Just A Dancing Partner

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          I'm Just A Dancing Partner

(Review - The Billboard dated 12/10/55)

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