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"In Every Manís Life"/"Heís Got Her And Gone"
by Andy Tibbs And The Dozier Boys
on Aristocrat 1106-A/B
released in 1949

Above Left: A March 1949 Aristocrat Record Corp. advertisement with a picture of Andy Tibbs, also known as "Andrew Tibbs."

Above Right: A January 1952 clipping of The Dozier Boys. L-R Back: Eugene Teague (baritone, guitar), Cornell Wiley (first tenor, bass player), Mifflin "Pee Wee" Brantford (tenor, guitar), Center Front: Benny Cotton (bass singer, tipple, drums).

The Billboard, August 2, 1947: ....Aristocrat Records has signed Don Moreland, MBS vocalist.... [MBS = Mutual Broadcasting System]

The Billboard, August 16, 1947: ....Aristocrat Records expanding in the race field, adding two blues singers and Jump Jackson's Negro combo....

The Billboard, October 25, 1947: ....Aristocrat, a six-month old Chi label, this week went all out to fill its race roster, which will now be major concern of the firm. Combos added include Tom Archie, the Prince Cooper Trio, Bob Perkins, Timothy Ward and Lonnie Simmons, with vocalists William Jones, Sheba Griffin, George Kirey, Bob White, Bill Ownes, Andy Tibbs, and the Seven Melody Men, spiritual singers, also into the Aristocrat fold....

The Billboard, November 29, 1949: ....Aristocrat platters have inked race singers Clarence Samuels, Prince Cooper and Sunnyland Slim....

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(The Dozier Boys - Clipping From June 1950)

(The Dozier Boys - Clipping From August 1952)

[The above two images of The Dozier Boys courtesy of Galen Gart.]

(Aristocrat Clipping - The Billboard dated 4/26/47)

(Charles And Evelyn Aron)

(Aristocrat Record Corp. - Clipping From February 1950)

(Leonard Chess)

Located: Chicago, Illinois (7508 Phillips Avenue; 5249 South Cottage Avenue)

Type of Output: Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Popular, Gospel, Country & Western, Polka

President: Leonard Chess     Vice President/Secretary: Evelyn Aron     Publicity And Promotion: Dave Clark

The label was founded in 1947 by Charles and Evelyn Aron of M & S Distributing Company. Leonard and Phil Chess acquired the Aron's interest in late 1949. The label name was changed to Chess Record Corp. in mid-1950. Per The Billboard dated 2/1/47, M & S Distributing Company owned the Contract record label, which would be just prior to forming Aristocrat. Was anything ever released on Contract? Can anyone provide a label scan?

Evelyn Aron went on to form American Distributing Company (also known as American Record Distributers) with Art Sheridan (who later formed Chance Records). Evelyn and Art were married on December 16, 1949.

Dave Clark continued on in Sales Promotion for the Peacock, United, States, and Ronel labels.

Another self-contained vocal/instrumental group that recorded for Aristocrat is The Five Blazes, who had two releases on the label in 1947.

(Aristocrat Records - Clipping From May 1947)
NOTE: The picture in this advertisement is "Wyoma," but she was not on Aristocrat 102. She was on one side of Aristocrat 101 (which was also Sherman Hayes Orchestra) singing "Say No More." She might be Wyoma Winters, who recorded for RCA Victor in 1954. Winters' photos closely resemble the one in this advertisement and there was a Wyoma Winters who sang on the radio show "The Harvest Moon Festival" in Chicago in 1948.

(Aristocrat Records - Clipping From January 1948)
NOTE: "CMI" is Coin Machine Industries. Lou Monti's Tu-Tones were primarily a polka band, featuring two accordians.

Aristocrat Sets Sales Mark:
CHICAGO, Jan. 14, 1950óAristocrat Records, local indie diskery, reported this past week that the firm had set a sales mark with a brand new acetate which was played by leadng buyers here. Phil Chess of the diskery pre-vued the disk, Gene Ammons' original creation entitled "Rockin' Rocker," which resulted in a flock of orders totaling 2,500 disks, even tho the platter won't be out for a couple of weeks yet....

EXTRA AUDIO SELECTION (Windows Media Player):

Listen to "Linger Awhile" - The Dozier Boys - United U-143 - 1953.

This is The Dozier Boys' first of two releases on Chicago's United label, both in 1953. Their line-up for this song is Cornell Wiley, Eugene Teague, Bill Minor, and Mifflin Brantford. It was recorded on 8/22/52 and released in March 1953.

Trade Magazine (August 1952): ...CHICAGO: Lew Simpkins....of United diskery, recently inked the Dozier Boys group and will release their first sides in September. Doziers have developed a new sound for their United dates....

Trade Magazine (February 1953): ...CHICAGO: Lew Simpkins, United Records prexy, signed four new vocal acts this week, Billy Ford, the Dozier Boys, Jimmie Coe and Debbie Andrews. Miss Andrews has been with Decca, while Ford has etched for RCA Victor, Coe for Mercury, and the Doziers with Columbia and Chess. Simpkins reports the Dozier Boys' first United slicing, "I Keep Thinking Of You," has already begun to click in the pop field....

(DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibilty for the inaccuracies in these two Trade Magazine statements!)

"Linger Awhile" was composed by Harry Owens and Vincent Rose in the early 1920's.

Above: Label image of Aristocrat 1106 recorded in late 1948 and released in June 1949. The Dozier Boys had five releases on Aristocrat (1949-50), two of these with Andy/Andrew Tibbs. They also had one release on Chess (1950) and two releases on United (1953). It is Ben Cotton's bass voice echoing Andy Tibbs' lead on "In Every Man's Life." The tinkly piano is by Herman "Sonny" Blount (later known as Sun Ra). "He's Got Her And Gone" is mostly a solo by Andy Tibbs, but if patient, The Dozier Boys will reward with some vocal group backing in the final twenty-five seconds of the song.

The vocal line-up on this record is Andy Tibbs, Eugene Teague, Cornell Wiley, Benny Cotton, and Bill Minor (tenor, drums).

Composers of "In Every Man's Life" are Sax Mallard and Billy Austin. Mallard was one of the "house bands" for Aristocrat. Austin composed such songs as "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)," co-written and recorded by Louis Jordan.

Listen to this week's selections by Andy Tibbs And The Dozier Boys on Aristocrat 1106 from 1949:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. In Every Manís Life
          2. Heís Got Her And Gone
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. In Every Manís Life
          2. Heís Got Her And Gone

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          1. In Every Manís Life
          2. Heís Got Her And Gone

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