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#834 (3/14/15 - 3/27/15)

"False Love"/"Do You Really?"
The Spaniels
on Vee-Jay 178
released in 1956

"Dear Heart"/"Why Won't You Dance"
The Spaniels
on Vee-Jay 189
released in 1956

Above: The Spaniels (Back L-R) Willie C. Jackson (tenor), Gerald Gregory (bass), Ernest Warren (tenor), Pookie Hudson (lead tenor), and (Front) Jerome Henderson (guitarist). James Cochran, not shown in this photo, was baritone on "False Love" and "Dear Heart."

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Above: The Billboard 2/18/56.

Above: The Billboard 2/11/56.

Above: The Billboard 5/12/56.

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Above: The Billboard dated 9/10/55.

Above: The Billboard dated 9/24/55.

Listen to "Painted Picture" - The Spaniels - Vee-Jay 154 - 1955. (Also released as "You Painted Pictures." Pookie Hudson is singing the lead.)

The Billboard Rhythm & Blues Review Spotlight (9/10/55):

A moving reading of a lovely ballad with excellent lyrics and soft, relaxed pacing. The lead singer's sensitive piping and delicate phrasing are particularly outstanding.

The Billboard Rhythm & Blues Best Buy (9/24/55):

The group has come up with a sensational climber in this recent waxing. Already a top seller in New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Baltimore, Cincinnati and St. Louis, the record is quickly covering the country and should be on the national listings shortly. A previous Billboard "Spotlight" pick.

Above: Vee-Jay clipping from September 1955.... The Spaniels (Top) Gerald Gregory, (Center L-R) Calvin Carter, Pookie Hudson, Ernest Warren, (Bottom) Willie C. Jackson. Calvin was Vee-Jay co-owner Vivian Carter's brother, a short-time substitute baritone for the group.

The Spaniels were from Gary, Indiana. Vee-Jay Records started its operation in Gary in 1953, then moved to Chicago soon thereafter. Vee-Jay was owned by Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken. Ewert G. Abner Jr. was their General Manager. Calvin Carter and Al Smith (who also conducted their "house" orchestra) were the A&R men. The Spaniels' first record was released on Vee-Jay 101 in May 1953 and reissued on Chance 1141 in June 1953.

Above: Label image of Vee-Jay 178 recorded on January 19, 1956 and released in February 1956. Pookie Hudson sings lead on both sides and is composer on the flip. The Spaniels had a total of twenty records released on Vee-Jay (1953-1960). They also backed up Clarence "Pro" McClam on one Vee-Jay side, released in 1953. And one record with Patricia Bowman on Abner (Vee-Jay subsidiary) in 1958.

Trade Magazine, February 1956: "....The Spaniels' latest release, "Do You Really" and "False Love," is getting good action on both sides...."
(Notice that the uptempo side is given top billing. A Vee-Jay ad in The Billboard dated 3/24/56 shows only the "Do You Really?" side.)

The Billboard Review (3/3/56):

False Love
(78) A strong showmanly performance by the lead singer and group on a moving theme.
Do You Really? (72) Here's something new under the r&b sun. The boys warble a love song in march tempo with interesting results. Could pay off in jockey and juke spins.

(NOTE: A ratings range of 70-79 was considered "good.")

Above: Label image of Vee-Jay 189 recorded on January 19, 1956 and released in April 1956. Pookie Hudson sings lead on both sides and is shown as composer, along with James Bracken, on the flip.

If "False Love" and "Dear Heart" sound similar to each other, perhaps it's because they were both composed by Bernard Roth, who, interestingly, was from Gary, Indiana. Roth also composed The Spaniels' just prior release, "Painted Picture." He also composed "Forty Days And Forty Nights" and "Just To Be With You," which became famous songs by Muddy Waters, released on the Chess label in 1956.

Trade Magazine, September 1955: "....Barny Roth, Gary, Indiana grocer, penned 'Painted Picture,' the Spaniels' latest offering on Vee-Jay. According to Jimmy Bracken, Barney had been all set to have a group of his own record the song until Jimmy suggested the Spaniels do the tune. The Spaniels' disk, according to Ewert Abner, has gotten off to a fast start in the East, selling 26,000 copies in its first eight days of release...."

Listen to this week's selections by The Spaniels on Vee-Jay 178/189 from 1956:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. False Love
          2. Dear Heart
          3. Do You Really?
          4. Why Won't You Dance
          ALL FOUR played in sequence

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          1. False Love
          2. Dear Heart
          3. Do You Really?
          4. Why Won't You Dance

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          1. False Love
          2. Dear Heart
          3. Do You Really?
          4. Why Won't You Dance

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