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#819 (8/2/14 - 8/15/14)

"Down The Road A Piece"
by Al (Stomp) Russell Trio
on Sapphire HR-FA 706 B
released in 1947

"She Would Not Yield"/"I'm Used To You"
by Do-Ray-Me Trio
on Rainbow No. 181
released in 1952

Above: Clipping of Al Russell Trio on Sapphire Records from The Billboard dated 2/8/47. It has the song titles for Sapphire 705 and 706 switched. In the picture are William "Doc Basso" Joseph (bass fiddle), Joel Cowen (guitar) and Al "Stomp" Russell (piano). The 12-28-46 Billboard Record Review is the next image below.

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Above: Review from The Billboard dated 12/28/46.

Above: From the "REVIEW" section in The Billboard dated 1/13/45. "Ofay" (first paragraph) is a derogatory word, used in the black community, for whites.

Above: Label image of Sapphire HR-FA 706 released in February 1947. As shown on the label, Al Russell does the lead vocal chores. The flip, "Under The Stars," is a single vocal recording. This was one of four released on Sapphire (#705-708), all in the same month. "Down The Road A Piece" was purchased by the DeLuxe label and reissued by them in April 1947 and then again later in that year.

Don Raye, who also wrote such Andrew Sisters' hits as "Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar," "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and others, is in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. "Down The Road A Piece" was originally composed for the Will Bradley Trio, who recorded it in 1940 (with guest vocals by Don Raye).

[The above photo was provided by Paul Ressler.]
Above: The Do-Re-Me Trio from 1954. (L-R) Al Moore, Al Russell, and Buddy Hawkins. This photo is captioned "DO-RE-ME TRIO Coral Records." Buddy Hawkins real first name is "Alton," so maybe they should have been "The Three Als." Hawkins had been with The Songmasters (1948-49) and The Key Notes (1950)... both were actually the same group.

Above: Label image of Rainbow No. 181 released in September 1952. This was their only release on the Rainbow label. Al Russell does lead duties on this side, while Buddy Hawkins and Al Moore share the lead on the flip. The same take of "I'm Used To You" was reissued on Variety in 1957. Do-Ray-Me Trio also had releases using at least six other variations of their name over their career, including "Do Re Me Trio," "Do-Ray-Me," "Do Re Mi Trio," and "Do Ray And Me."

From a September 1952 clipping: ....Nate Stern, erstwhile Philly bartender, wrote "I'm Used To Your Kisses," which has been done by the Do Ray Me Trio on the Rainbow label....

From a November 1952 clipping: ....The Do Re Mi Trio find things looking up, now that their "I'm Used To You" disk on Rainbow is starting to move sales-ward....

From a December 1952 clipping: ....Don't let up on "I'm Used To You" by the Do Re Mi Trio. It's a real smash if worked on....

Listen to this week's selections by Al (Stomp) Russell Trio/Do-Ray-Me Trio on Sapphire HR-FA 706/Rainbow No. 181 from 1947/52:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Down The Road A Piece - Al (Stomp) Russell Trio
          2. She Would Not Yield - Do-Ray-Me Trio
          3. I'm Used To You - Do-Ray-Me Trio
          ALL THREE played in sequence

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          1. Down The Road A Piece - Al (Stomp) Russell Trio
          2. She Would Not Yield - Do-Ray-Me Trio
          3. I'm Used To You - Do-Ray-Me Trio

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          1. Down The Road A Piece - Al (Stomp) Russell Trio
          2. She Would Not Yield - Do-Ray-Me Trio
          3. I'm Used To You - Do-Ray-Me Trio

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