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"Come Back To Me"/"Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O"
by The Teardrops
on Sampson 634-A/B
released in 1954

[The above photo is from Stan Bracely courtesy of Mike Bauer.]
Above: Late 1950's photo of The Teardrops (L-R) Sam Scott (baritone), Alfonso Wallace (tenor), Stan Bracely (bass), and Carl Jones (lead tenor). This is the same line-up that recorded for the Sampson label. Bracely and Jones would become members of The Love-Tones with several records in the early 1960's, backing up Mary Wells and others.

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At Left: Column from The Billboard dated 2/20/54.

Prosperity Record Company, located in Detroit, was the parent company
for the Sampson label (see the reference on the label image below).
Therefore, The Teardrops must have been recorded, and their record
released, after February 1954, but surely sometime in 1954.

Above: Label image of Sampson 634. The Teardrops had just this one record, but what a record! Carl Jones sings lead on the side shown and Sam Scott has the honor on the flip. "Carlos Jones" is composer on both sides. The great sax work on the uptempo side is Mike Mitchell, who's band is backing the group. The Sampson numbering system is unclear. A search revealed only one other Sampson release, a blues record by Baby Boy Warren on #633. Could that have been the label's starting number? Could there have been just two releases on this label?

FROM MARV GOLDBERG (11/24/13): The record seems to have been badly pressed. About 10-12 seconds into the (A-side) song (every copy I've ever heard), there's a note or two missing from the lead vocal. It had to have been pressed up that way.

The Billboard Review (Date Unconfirmed):

Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O
(80) New group debuts on the newly-formed Sampson label with a strong rocking performance. Group and orchestra move at a steady pace, altho too hot lyric will prevent this effort from getting airplay.
Come Back To Me (40) Group comes thru with a weak blues ballad. Thrush lead and group try hard but material and orch are poor. A big disappointment.
The "too hot lyric" probably refers to about 0:45 into the song [Warning: R-Rated]. "Thrush lead" was not the only thing the reviewer got wrong on the ballad side!

(NOTE: Ratings had a range of 0-100 with 0-49 as "poor," 50-59 as "limited," 60-69 as "satisfactory," 70-79 as "good," 80-89 as "excellent," and 90-100 as "tops.")

Listen to this week's selections by The Teardrops on Sampson from 1954:
[Audio enhancement by Dave Saviet.]

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          1. Come Back To Me
          2. Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Come Back To Me
          2. Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O

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          1. Come Back To Me
          2. Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O

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