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"Come Back My Love"/"Beggin' For Love"
by The Wrens
on Rama RR-65
released in 1955


Above: Photo of The Wrens.... (L-R) Bobby Mansfield (tenor), Rocky Washington (bass), George Magnezid (tenor), and Frenchie Concepcion (tenor, baritone). Washington had replaced James Archer as bass in the Fall of 1955.


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Above: Another photo of The Wrens.... (Clockwise From Top Left) Rocky Washington, Frenchie Concepcion, George Magnezid, and Bobby Mansfield.

Above: Advertisement for The Wrens' "Come Back My Love" from March 1955.

Above: Label image of Rama RR-65 recorded on November 21, 1954 and released in January 1955. This is The Wrens' second of nine records they had on Rama (1954-56), although several of the same sides kept repeating on their early releases. Bobby Mansfield composed and sings lead on "Come Back My Love," while Frenchie Concepcion has both honors on the flip. "Come Back My Love" was covered by The Cardinals on Atlantic, becoming a hit for them.

Trade Magazine Article (October 1954): ....George Goldner, Tico and Rama head, cuts off all retreat when he dogmatically states, "I have a new group on Rama, the Wrens, who just cut 'Love's Something Made For Two' and it will without a doubt become a bigger hit than even the current 'Sh-Boom.'

Trade Magazine Article (April 1955): ....George Goldner came up with a bit of happy news this week via Philadelphia. The kids voted Rama's "Come Back My Love" by the Wrens the number one record on the Bob Horn Bandstand show. Deck, we are told, is breaking pop in Philly in a big way....

Listen to this week's selections by The Wrens on Rama RR-65 from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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          1. Come Back My Love
          2. Beggin' For Love
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Come Back My Love
          2. Beggin' For Love

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          1. Come Back My Love
          2. Beggin' For Love

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