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"Boogie Woogie Time Down South"
by Lillette And Her Escorts
Vocal by Lillette Thomas (And Ensemble)
on Sterling SR 108
released in 1946

Above: Lillette Thomas. Clipping is from The Billboard 1945-1946 Music Year Book.

Click HERE to learn more about Lillette at "Queen Of The Keys" website.

Above: Lillette's Rhythm Club. Clipping is from The Billboard 1945-1946 Music Year Book. Per the "Queen Of The Keys" website, this is "The first Black Nightclub-Casino-Hotel in Reno-Sparks, Nevada."

(1946 Trade Magazine Clipping)

(The Billboard 1945-1946 Music Year Book)

(The Billboard 1945-1946 Music Year Book)

(The Billboard 9/8/45)

(The Billboard 10/4/47)

The Billboard 8/10/44: "RUPE SELLS OUT JUKE BOX - STERLING PIECE.... Hollywood, Aug. 3—Art Rupe, who tied his Juke Box record company to a partnership arrangement with Al Middleman over a half year ago in a deal which included Middleman's Sterling Records, has just sold out his entire interest to Middleman. Rupe keeps a batch of masters in the deal which he will turn out under a new label called Specialty.... Confusing the situation was Rupe's remarks that Eli Oberstein, current recording talent chief for Victor Records, was part of Juke Box-Sterling Records, along with Middleman and himself. Middleman and Oberstein were partners in the ex-Hit Record Company which they sold to radio set interests who renamed the label Majestic Records, and it was generally thought in the trade at that time that the Middleman-Oberstein partnership had ended completely...."

The Billboard 9/1/45: "NEW YORK....Al Middleman, formerly with Hit and Elite Record firms, has taken over the Juke Box label of the United Record Company here and will come out with a new label of his own, called Sterling. Ben Siegel and Art Rupe, former heads of Juke Box, join Middleman in the new disk outfit. Middleman gained access to presses. Middleman will press here and in the East [sic?], releasing a new platter every three weeks. His Sterling record will sell for 75 cents. Some records under the Juke Box label may be released later. Sterling label will cover popular and race fields...."

(The Billboard 10/20/45)
Above: Sterling Records, located in New York City, existed from 1945 to 1948 (perhaps early 1949). Artists included Dolores Brown (And The Auditones), Ann Cornell, Earl Hines Orchestra, and Ace Harris. They are also known for the first four releases by country artist Hank Williams.

(The Billboard 11/24/45)

NOTE: The labels on the above releases credit "Lillette Thomas And Her Boys."

(The Billboard 1/11/47)

Above: Label image of Sterling SR 108 released in late 1946. Lillette had four releases on the Sterling label (1945-46). The first two (SR100 & 101) are by Lillette Thomas And Her Boys, consisting of L. Thomas (piano), B. Harper (guitar), R. Hamilton (bass), T. "Max" Davis (tenor sax), and Eddie Harris (drums). The final two (SR 108 & 109) are by Lillette And Her Escorts, consisting of L. Thomas (piano), H. Mitchell (guitar), W. Davis (bass), and S. Joshua (drums).

Composers Benjamin "Reb" Spikes and Austin McCoy were business partners in various music related ventures. "Austin McCoy And His Sextette" had two releases on the Sterling label (SR 110 & 111) with all four sides composed by "Spikes-McCoy."

The label of flip "Down It And Get From Around It" (no vocal harmony backing) shows composers as Lillette Thomas and Bud Harris. Lillette was also composer of her other six sides on Sterling, with Harris as co-composer on one of those.

Listen to this week's selections by Lillette And Her Escorts on Sterling SR 108 from 1946:
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