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"Tee-U-Eee"/"Don't Forget To Be True"
by Little Four (Quartet)
on Southern 122 A/B
released in 1946

Above: From Afro-American dated December 16, 1944.

Above: Stills of the Little Four Quartet from the Soundie (Filmcraft) "Love Grows On A White Oak Tree" released on January 2, 1945, which concerns an imaginary land where gold flows like water. They had released a previous Soundie (also Filmcraft) on November 13, 1944 "Chi Cha Man" set in a sea food bar singing about red hot buttered crawfish and other delicacies. Also, another Soundie "Chilly 'n' Cold" later in 1945. The "Little" Four were six-footers.

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Above: Southern Records clipping from The Billboard dated 2/16/46. Southern Record Corporation was owned by J. Mayo Williams. Offices were located in New York City and Chicago. Subsidiary labels were Harlem, Chicago and Ebony.

Above: Southern and Harlem Records clipping from The Billboard dated 3/1/47.

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Above: The Billboard clipping from 1/29/44.

Excerpts from The Billboard:
(5/1/43) Little Four, vocal quartet of six-footers, signed with Consolidated Radio Artists and open at Windmill, Charleston, W. Va., May 3 for 26 weeks....

(7/24/43) Little Four, sepia vocalists, have switched from Consolidated Radio Artists to Mike Special....

(12/25/43) The Little Four opened at Jai-Lai, Columbus, O., December 13 for a reported $450 weekly....

(9/28/46) Little Four Quartet now recording for Southern Records....

(11/2/46) Little Four open October 29 at Dubonnet, Newark, N.J.....

(1/18/47) Little Four doing their third return engagement at Brownie's, Rochester....

Above: Label image of Southern 122. This is the only record by the Little Four Quartet listed in Disco-File.

Listen to this week's selections by Little Four Quartet on Southern 122 from 1946:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Tee-U-Eee
          2. Don't Forget To Be True
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Tee-U-Eee
          2. Don't Forget To Be True

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          1. Tee-U-Eee
          2. Don't Forget To Be True

The Billboard 11/20/43 (Abridged)

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