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#678 (Week of 9/18/10 - 9/24/10)

"From Twilight 'Til Dawn"/"Lovely Hannah"
by Ceelle Burke's Orchestra
and The 3 Shades & The 4 Dreamers
on Exclusive AM-02686/AM-02689
released in 1943 (on Capitol 136)
re-issued in 1948 (on Capitol 15255)

Above: Ceelle Burke from The Billboard 1943 Yearbook.

Above: From The Billboard 1943 Yearbook.

Above: From The Billboard 7-17-43.

Above: From The Billboard 7-17-43. The record label shows composers of "Lovely Hannah" as Ceelle Burke and Leon René. Was "Johnny" his nickname?

Above: The Billboard clippings (Left) 2-26-44, (Right Top) 3-4-44, (Right Bottom) 8-12-44.

Above: Still shots of The Four Dreamers from the 1941 movie "The Big Store." They also appeared in "Carolina Blues" in 1944.

Above Left: A live performance review from The Billboard 5-22-43.

Above Right: While this Exclusive label has no number displayed, "AM-02686" is stamped in the dead wax and flip side has "AM-02689"*. The gap in the assigned numbers indicates there may have been two additional songs recorded at that session. The flip shows "Vocal Chorus Directed by Carl Jones" and "Vocal Solo by Ceelle Burke." Leon René owned the Exclusive label. The Excelsior label, owned by his brother Otis René, recorded a vocal group named "The Three Shades of Rhythm" in 1944.

[*The René brothers owned the Ammor label (1940-43). Possibly the source of the "AM" in the numbers? At the same time, the brothers also owned the Make Believe Ballroom label, which used "AM" numbers. Was this record also released on one of these labels?]

Listen to this week's selections by Ceelle Burke's Orchestra/The 3 Shades/The 4 Dreamers on Exclusive from 1943:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. From Twilight 'Til Dawn
          2. Lovely Hannah
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. From Twilight 'Til Dawn
          2. Lovely Hannah

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          1. From Twilight 'Til Dawn
          2. Lovely Hannah

(The Billboard 10-30-48 Review of Capitol Reissue)

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