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(Week of 2/15/03 - 2/21/03)

"24 Sad Hours"
by Jimmy Witherspoon (And The Lamplighters)
on Federal 12173
released in 1954

Photo Of Jimmy Witherspoon Photo Of Lamplighters
[The above Jimmy Witherspoon photo provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: Left: Jimmy Witherspoon. Right: The Lamplighters (L-R) Willie Ray Rockwell, Thurston Harris, Al Frazier, Matthew Nelson.

To view a biography/obituary for Jimmy Witherspoon (1923 - 1997) at the Cascade Blues Association web site, please click HERE.

Federal Label-Jimmy Witherspoon-1954
Above: Label image for Federal 12173 released in April 1954.

Jimmy Witherspoon (And The Lamplighters) had one other release, Federal 12156 (1953), this one crediting "Vocal by Jimmy Witherspoon With Quartet". The "A" side, "Sad Life", is similar to "24 Sad Hours" and was also written by McDaniel. Audio for "Sad Life" is included below.

The Lamplighters also backed up Lil Greenwood on Federal 12158 "I'll Go"/"I'm Crying", this label again stating "...With Quartet".

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"24 Sad Hours" - Federal 12173 - 1954
"Sad Life" - Federal 12156 - 1953

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"24 Sad Hours" - Federal 12173 - 1954 (file size=401KB)
"Sad Life" - Federal 12156 - 1953 (file size=422KB)


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