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"One Hundred Years From Today"
by Cats 'N Jammer Three
Vocal by Bill Samuels
on Mercury 2021B
released in 1946

Mercury Label-One Hundred Years From Today-Cats 'N Jammer Three-1946

Above: The second record by The Cats 'N Jammer Three. They had nine records released between 1946 and 1947, all on the Mercury label.

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Mercury Label-1952 Ad, 1947 Label, 1956 Label

Above: Mercury label montage. (Left) Mercury Ad from February 1952. (Top Right) Mercury 78 rpm label logo from 1947. (Bottom Right) Mercury 78 rpm label logo from 1956. The label recorded many RnB vocal groups including The Ravens, Red Caps, Billy Williams Quartet, Cashmeres, Griffins, Platters, Penguins, etc.


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