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"In Spite Of Everything You Do"/
"Don't Grieve, Don't Sorrow, Don't Cry"
by Savannah Churchill
on RCA Victor 20-4448-A/B
released in 1952

Photo of The Striders With Inlay Of Savannah Churchill

Above: Photo of The Striders with inlay of Savannah Churchill.

FROM MARV GOLDBERG 2/17/03: The Striders, on record, according to Charles Strider, always consisted of Eugene Strider, Charles Strider, James Strider, and Ernest Griffin. There was a guy named Al Martin who was a fill-in singer for them on many occasions over the years, but he never recorded with them.

RCA Victor Label-In Spite Of Everything You Do-Savannah Churchill-1952 RCA Victor Label-Don't Grieve, Don't Sorrow, Don't Cry-Savannah Churchill-1952
Above: Recorded 12/11/51. Savannah's second of five records for RCA Victor. The group backing her is The Striders. The flip is "Don't Grieve, Don't Sorrow, Don't Cry". Marty Gold is playing the organ on both sides.

Savannah reached her peak of popularity while with RCA Victor. About this time, she and The Striders appeared for a thirteen week stint at the London Palladium.

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