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From: Marsha Grant (President of North East Pennsylvania Doo-Wop Society): Photo of Du Droppers
"The beginnings of Rock Ďní Roll can be traced to many sources and the roots of Rock Ďní Roll can be debated from now to the end of time, but everyone must agree that the Du Droppers certainly had a very big hand in the formation of what became Rock Ďní Roll. The touches of Blues, a big dose of Gospel and voices like pure velvet with a Rockiní sound is what the Du Droppers were all about. They came on the scene and left their mark for an eternity.

We are fortunate to have the founder of the Du Droppersí son living in the Scranton, PA area and more fortunate that he is interested in learning more about the Du Droppers group and possibly forming a new Du Droppers group!"

From: Caleb N. Ginyard III (Son of J.C. Ginyard of the Du Droppers):
Photo of Du Droppers "Iím desperately trying to get to know the father I never knew. Through the research of his music, Iím hoping, somehow, to understand what type of person he was, what he felt, what he loved during the years he was not with me. My father spent most of my childhood and all of my adult life in Europe while I lived in the United States. Someday I hope to reform the Du Droppers and carry on his music so that it will not die with him."

Photo of Du Droppers J.C. Ginyard was born on January 15, 1910 as Caleb Nathaniel Ginyard in St. Mathews, South Carolina. The J.C. stood for Junior Caleb. He formed The Royal Harmony Singers (Decca label) in 1936, which became The Jubalaires (Decca & King labels) in 1941, and joined The Dixiaires (King, Continental, Sunrise, Prestige, Sittiní In With & Harlem labels) in 1948.

J.C. Ginyard formed The Du Droppers in 1952 and was lead/tenor. He was a member of The Golden Gate Quartet from 1955 to 1971. Shortly after joining the group in 1955, he and The Golden Gate Quartet moved to Paris, France. After 1971, he moved to Switzerland where he performed solo until his death on August 11, 1978.

Photo of Groove Label

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Du Droppers Members:
Top Photo; front center-Willie Ray, rear, left to right-Bob Kornegay, Harvey Ray & J.C. Ginyard.
Middle Photo; left to right-Bob Kornegay, Joe Van Loan, J.C. Ginyard & Willie Ray.
Bottom Photo; bottom to top-Harvey Ray, J.C. Ginyard, Bob Kornegay & Willie Ray.

References: N.E.P.A. Doo-Wop Society Newsletter dated Spring 1997; The Du Droppers, as told to Marv Goldberg and Mike Redmond by Willie Ray; and Bill Board Book of American Singing Groups, A History 1940-1990.

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