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"You Left Me"/"Beside You"
by The Swallows
on King 4525
released in 1952

Photo Of The Swallows
[The above photo provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: Photo of The Swallows dated November 1954. (L-R) Irving Turner, Earl Hurley, Frederick "Money" Johnson, Eddie Rich, and Edward "Buddy" Crawford.
(Thank you to Marv Goldberg for identifying Crawford in this photo)

Click HERE for an article about The Swallows by Marv Goldberg.

King Label-You Left Me-1952

Above: King label image of "You Left Me" released in April 1952. Both sides were recorded in 1951. Personnel on this record were Eddie Rich (lead on "You Left Me"), Herman "Junior" Denby (lead on "Beside You), Earl Hurley, Frederick "Money" Johnson, and Norris "Bunky" Mack.

It was The Swallows' fifth of eleven releases on the King Label (1951-53).

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"You Left Me" - King 4525-A - 1952
"Beside You" - King 4525-B - 1952
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"You Left Me" - King 4525-A - 1952 (file size=357KB)
"Beside You" - King 4525-B - 1952 (file size=379KB)


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