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***Harmony Haven (Complete Revamp/Update August 2006)***
***Little Phineas & The Pheasants***

***Yesterday's Memories***

***Doo-Wop Nation E-Zine***

***Rhythm & Blues Revues (Posters, Programs, Experiences)***

***Doo-Wop Society of Southern California***

***The Coasters Web Site***

***The Red Saunders Research Foundation***

***The Time Capsule Show With Joe Marchesani/Tom Luciani (Featuring 1960's Shows)***
NOTE: Plus five new shows by Joe M.!

***The Ink Spots (Original Group)***

***Brian's DooWop Fixxx (RealAudio Jukeboxes)***

***Charlie & Pam Horner's Classic Urban Harmony***

***TRB Enterprises - Honoring Our Pioneers***

***Doowopheaven - Hans-Joachim Krohberger***

***Doo-Wop Biography - Jean-Christophe Piazza***

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