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"If I Can't Have The One I Love"/
"How Do You Measure Love"
by The Rhythm Kings
on Ivory 755-A/B
released in 1949

Above: Clipping from January 1950. The Ivory Recording Company was owned by Dagmar Van Haur. Salvation, a gospel label, was a subsidiary. Ivory probably refers to piano keys (ivories) as the label pictures a keyboard. It's interesting to note that Do-Ray-Me Trio, who had three releases on Ivory, soon after started their own label named Keyboard.

Trade Magazine Article (February 1950):
Ivory Records has reorganized and signed a flock of new talent. Artists include Peggy Thomas, Leslie Scott, Do Ray Me Trio, the Rhythm Kings and Harold Connor....

Above: Photo of The Rhythm Kings. They were likely also The Rhythmasters on the Bennett label (1949) and The Rhythm Masters on the Bandwagon label (1948).

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 1950 The Rhythm Kings, new vocal group, have waxed their initial sides for Apollo Records, it was announced this week. In time for the Christmas season, the Rhythm Kings' debut biscuit includes "Merry Christmas One and All" and "Christmas Is Coming at Last."
The group is composed of leader Cecil Murray, along with Leonard Thomas, Howard Scott, James Riley and Isaac Royal (pianist and arranger). The unit, who have been featured on many national radio and teevee shows, are former Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout winners and have been appearing at the Dogwood Room here for several months.

Above: The Cash Box "Award O' The Week," promoting The Rhythm Kings' first of their two releases on Ivory. This clipping and the actual record show their hyphenated name "The Rhythm-Kings." They are backed on this one by the Bob Whyte Trio, so possibly Isaac Royal didn't join them until their second release on Ivory.

Above: Label images for Ivory 755-A/B. The Rhythm Kings had releases on Ivory (1949) and Apollo (1950-51). Six years later The Rhythm Kings remade the "A" side as The Four Pals for Royal Roost and had a hit with it. They were also "The Four Students" group that backed up Zilla Mays and Little Tommy Brown on Groove (1955). Isaac Royal later became the pianist and arranger for The Ink Spots on King.

Listen to this week's selections by The Rhythm Kings on Ivory 755-A/B from 1949:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

(Above: The Rhythm Kings)


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       How Do You Measure Love
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       If I Can't Have The One I Love
       How Do You Measure Love
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       How Do You Measure Love

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