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#559 (Week of 3/15/08 - 3/21/08)

"I Played The Fool"
by The Clovers
on Atlantic 977
released in 1952

Above: The Clovers in front of the Apollo Theater from cover of The Cash Box dated 11/17/51. (L-R) Harold Winley, Matthew McQuater, Bill Harris, Harold Lucus, and Buddy Bailey.

Inscription: The Clovers, sensational new harmony team, who scored with their first disk, "Don't You Know I Love You" on the Atlantic label, are shown in front of the Apollo Theater in New York where they headlined the show. The group, which was completely unknown a year ago, hit the winning trail under the guidance of manager Lou Krefetz. Following their initial smash disk, the boys have come up with another one which is also running wild in rhythm and blues locations, "Fool, Fool, Fool."

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[Above clipping courtesy of Galen Gart.]
Above Left: Trade magazine clipping from October 1952.

Trade Magazine (December 1952): NEW YORK - Lou Krefetz, genial manager of the Clovers, and traveling field representative for Atlantic, has been upped to National Sales Manager. Lou will now spend more time managing sales and promotion for Atlantic Records from his plush New York office.... Speaking of the Clovers, their "I Played the Fool" reading on Atlantic seems to be coming up strong and fighting it out with the flip side, "Hey Miss Fannie" for top honors nationally. Now, the label has come up with another hot new quartet, the Diamonds, who recently took top honors at the Apollo Theater's weekly competition....

Above Right: Label image for Atlantic 977 recorded on 3-18-52 and released in October 1952. Buddy Bailey is lead singer on this side. The Clovers had one release on Rainbow (1950) followed by many on the Atlantic label (1951-58).

Listen to this week's selection by The Clovers: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
[Above: The Clovers circa 1952)
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