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"It Had To Be You"
by Madeline Greene and The Three Varieties
on Bluebird 30-0825-B (reissue)
released in 1941 (reissued in 1944)

Photo Of Madeline Greene With Three Varieties

Above: Photo of Madeline Greene and The Three Varieties. (L-R) Leroy Harris, Willie Randall, Budd Johnson, Madeline Greene. The Three Varieties were trombone/saxophone players in Earl Hines' Orchestra. Madeline married Willie Randall during this time.
Photo Of Madeline Greene Bluebird Label-Madeline Greene and Three Varieties-It Had To Be You-1941
Above Left: Photo of Madeline Greene (when she was with Earl Hines). Prior to her six releases (one side each 1941-42) with Earl Hines' Orchestra, she had one record with Jimmy Mundy's Orchestra on Varsity 8136 in 1939. She later had one release with The Magichords on Domino 310/311 in 1949.

Above Right: Bluebird 30-0825-B Label. This is a 1944 reissue of Bluebird 11308 originally released in October 1941. This is their third of six releases with Earl Hines' Orchestra on Bluebird.

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Photo Of Earl Hines
At left is a cropped photo of Earl Hines and his Orchestra. Madeline Greene and Billy Eckstein were featured vocalists with his orchestra during the early 1940's.

Click HERE for more information about Earl Hines.

Bill Proctor provides the following related Ink Spots information:
Huey Long played guitar in Hines' Orchestra (1942). Lord Essex Scott was there in 1945-46. Essex does the vocal "Nonchalant Man" (1945) on ARA #127, "Rosetta" (1946) on ARA #149, plus "Margie" (flip) with Dolores Parker & Arthur Walker.

NOTE: Huey Long was with The Ink Spots in 1945-46. Lord Essex Scott was with Charlie Fuqua's Ink Spots in 1954-55.

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