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"I Promise"/"Do You Love Me"
by Sonny Woods And The Four Winds
on Middle-Tone 008-A/B
released in 1956

Above Left: Middle-Tone advertisement from April 1956.

Above Right: Label image for Middle-Tone 008-B 78-rpm record released in February 1956. This was the first of two by this group, both on Middle-Tone. In 1954, a different group, Sonny Woods And The Twigs had two releases on the Hollywood label. The Billboard (dated 5/8/54) reviewed Hollywood 1015óChapel Of Memories: "High tenor of the lead singer projects the tender opus warmly. Backing is designed to provide the proper atmosphere. An impressive side." The Twigs seem to be a "studio" group, also backing Linda Hayes and Ben Hughes on Hollywood.

Composers on this 008-B side are F. Tucker and C. Alford and, on the flip, C. Alford again. Were these members of The Four Winds? There was a Frankie Tucker and The Blazers, who were featured doing "cover" songs on a Columbia Records EP in 1958. Interesting, if nothing else, there is a "Cardell Alford" listed under BMI, but with no credited songs. The Cardells had a release on Middle-Tone in 1956. No other mention of either name could be found.

Middle-Tone Records was owned and operated by Emanuel A. Middleton. The label's first release was "001" in 1951, with vocalist Velma Middleton and an "all-star" combo headed by Earl Hines. Can anyone inform whether Velma was related to the label owner or if her surname is just a coincidence?

The label's final release was "020" in 1963 by The Jive Bombers. There was also a "2000" series with releases in 1955. Two instrumental units that recorded for Middle-Tone, Ernest Freeman and Riff Ruffin, had previously had instrumental releases on the Cash label. Freeman had the hit "Raunchy" on the Imperial label in 1957.

(At Left: Clipping from July 1955)


001    Velma Middleton   1951

2001  Carmen Davis   1955

2002  The Pebbles   1955

008    Sonny Woods And The Four Winds   1956

009    Carmen Davis   1956
(NOTE: One side, "No! No! Baby," is a reissue of 2001.)

010    Riff Ruffin Combo   1956

011    The Cardells   1956

012    Al (Minnie) Boyd   1956

013    Sonny Woods And The Four Winds   1957
(NOTE: Above entry provided by Marv Goldberg.)

020    The Jive Bombers   1963

(At Left: Clipping from 1951. Velma was vocalist with Louis Armstrong for most of her career. Hines, Cole and Shaw were members of Armstrong's All-Stars in 1951.)

Listen to this week's selections by Sonny Woods And The Four Winds:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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          1. I Promise
          2. Do You Love Me
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I Promise
          2. Do You Love Me

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          1. I Promise
          2. Do You Love Me

(Ernest Freeman 1957)

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